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Our Ear Microsuction Course is the best there is

Unlike other microsuction courses, Ear Care Academy provides a gold standard, fully accredited ear microsuction course in conjunction with Imperial College Health Care Trust.  Our course is delivered in a world class Teaching Hospital setting – Charing Cross Hospital – in the ENT/Audiology Department.  The course trainers are all highly experienced senior doctors of Medicine and Audiology.  A typical two-day course has between 10-12 delegates with 80-100 real patients booked, in order to provide maximum clinical experience to trainees.  Each trainer trains 2-3 delegates.  Our course setup results in an unparalleled microsuction teaching experience.  We do not provide “equipment packages” which are often seen on other courses.  We believe these detract from the main element of a gold standard course which is to teach you about all aspects of delivering microsuction.  Our course covers business/clinic setup elements and our trainers and sponsors are on hand to help you decide what equipment you might need as each clinic requires a tailored approach.

Ear Microsuction Course

Our course:

  • Enables eligible professionals to perform microsuction in your own clinic immediately following completion of the course
  • Provides full practical training on the usage of ENT microscopes as well as microsuction equipment to remove ear wax
  • Is delivered on real patients – typically 80-100 patients booked per 2 day course
  • Is run by some of the most experienced microsuction practitioners in the country
  • Certifies you as fully trained on microsuction procedures
  • Is accredited by ENT UK (19 CPD points)
  • Is approved by Imperial College Healthcare Trust
  • Provides insight and support into ear microsuction clinic setup​
  • Is London-based and is delivered at Charing Cross Hospital – a world class teaching establishment and part of Imperial College Healthcare Trust

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