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Our Ear Microsuction Course is the best there is

Unlike other microsuction courses, Ear Care Academy provides a gold standard, fully accredited ear microsuction course in conjunction with Imperial College Health Care Trust.  Our course is delivered in a world class Teaching Hospital setting – Charing Cross Hospital – in the ENT/Audiology Department.  The course trainers are all highly experienced senior doctors of Medicine and Audiology.  A typical two-day course has between 10-12 delegates with over 80 real patients booked, in order to provide maximum clinical experience to trainees.  Each trainer trains a maximum of 2-3 delegates.  Our course setup results in an unparalleled microsuction teaching experience.

Ear Microsuction Course

Our course:

  • Enables eligible professionals to perform microsuction in your own clinic immediately following completion of the course
  • Provides full practical training on the usage of ENT microscopes as well as microsuction equipment to remove ear wax
  • Is delivered on real patients – typically 80+ patients booked per 2 day course
  • Is run by some of the most experienced microsuction practitioners in the country
  • Certifies you as fully trained on microsuction procedures
  • Is accredited by ENT UK (19 CPD points)
  • Is approved by Imperial College Healthcare Trust
  • Provides insight and support into ear microsuction clinic setup​
  • Is London-based and is delivered at Charing Cross Hospital – a world class teaching establishment and part of Imperial College Healthcare Trust

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